Ex-UConn QB John McEntee Fired As Donald Trump Assistant; Under Investigation For Financial Crimes

The turnover at the White House continues, with Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and John McEntee, a personal assistant to President Donald Trump, both being fired on Tuesday morning. There is a bit more intrigue regarding McEntee’s White House departure, however.
According to reports, McEntee is being investigated for financial crimes and was escorted out of the White House.
“Johnny McEntee was fired because he is currently under investigation by the Department of Homeland Security for serious financial crimes, a source familiar with his firing,” Kaitlan Collins of CNN reported on Twitter. “This source says the charges are not Trump related.”

Interestingly enough, McEntee’s time in politics is not over despite his firing. But when has this administration ever been conventional? While McEntee was fired for being under investigation, he was immediately rehired and announced as a senior adviser on Trump’s 2020 re-election campaign.
If the name John McEntee sounds familiar, it is because he was previously a quarterback for the Connecticut Huskies.
McEntee was a walk-on for UConn during the 2011 college football season and threw for 12 touchdowns and eight interceptions. That year, he also became a brief internet sensation thanks to a trick shot video.


After his college career, he joined the Trump campaign as an advisor in 2015 as a volunteer before earning his role as a White House assistant, getting fired for serious financial crimes, and getting rehired by Trump as part of his 2020 campaign. It’s just another day in the world of Trump.

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