Arizona State Football Team May Cut Scholarship Players

The Arizona State football program is looking to make a serious turnaround under the direction of new head coach Herm Edwards. Edwards is bringing an NFL mentality to the Sun Devils program and that has led to some interesting strategies for motivation.
According to Edwards, he will be evaluating his players and making cuts that will leave no one safe.
If performances decline following the team’s spring game, even players who are on scholarship could find themselves being cut. If a scholarship player is cut, Edwards says they will keep their financial aid if they decide to stay on as an Arizona State University student.
From Arizona Central:

“There was a message sent, and the message was very clear that we’re in the process of evaluating players between now and next week,” Edwards said. “You’re going to find whether you continue to be part of it or not. I told them that when I first took the job.

“I told some guys who continue to stay in the training room, you’ve got no tape. I can’t grade you if you’re not on tape. All of a sudden, guys got well. It’s amazing. Sometimes these players think with 85 scholarships, I’m good. You’re not good. You’ve earned a scholarship because of your ability to be a student-athlete. It’s a combination of both. When you don’t meet that standard, there’s consequences. Consequences are sometimes tough. If I don’t apply those consequences, then I’m not doing my job as head coach.”

Players appear to be motivated by the strategy.

“It creates motivation,” offensive lineman Zach Robertson said. “It put it in perspective for some people. A little motivation is always good for everybody, no matter whether you’re (All Pac-12 wide receiver) N’Keal Harry or a walk-on.

We’ll have to see if it leads to a turnaround in the win column.

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