NFL Draft Rumors 2018: Browns Likely To Select Josh Allen

The 2018 NFL Draft rumors have long had the Cleveland Browns looking at the top signal-callers in this year’s class. However, depending on who you would ask, there were times when Wyoming’s Josh Allen, USC’s Sam Darnold and even Heisman Trophy-winner Baker Mayfield were all at the top of the team’s draft board.
But who will the Browns go with when they are officially on the clock in a matter of days?
If you believe ESPN’s Todd McShay, the Browns appear to be favoring Allen, the strong-armed quarterback from Wyoming who has scouts clamoring over his prototypical size.
Darnold is also in the mix, but people around the league have the feeling Allen is the target.
From ESPN:

General manager John Dorsey is playing this one close to the vest. Every time I ask anyone I trust in the league, personnel directors and GMs don’t know what the Browns are doing. I’ve heard from GMs further down the board that they’ve heard the pick at No. 1 will be QB Josh Allen, but they’re not sure. The majority of reactions I’ve received are some form of: “I keep hearing Allen, and I’m surprised.” It will be either Allen or Sam Darnold at No. 1.

If Allen is the pick, the draft will start to get interesting immediately with the No. 2 pick, considering there are rumors that the New York Giants really like Darnold but are also considering a trade down.
It will be an interesting couple of days as the draft rumors continue to swirl leading up to the event which takes place at AT&T Stadium in Arlington from April 26-28.

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