NFL Draft Rumors 2018: Raiders 'Team To Watch' To Trade Up

There have already been a handful of trades around the league leading up to the 2018 NFL Draft, and according to the latest NFL Draft rumors, there is some belief around that league that we could see more coming on draft day with one team specifically being mentioned. According to reports, “several teams” believe that the Oakland Raiders are a team to watch when it comes to a draft-day trade.
Oakland currently owns the No. 10 overall pick in the first round.
While there isn’t any certainty whether the Raiders are a team to watch for a move up or a move down, trading down would make the most sense, especially if one of the top quarterbacks suffers from a dreaded draft-day slide.
From Raiders Beat:

“I’ve heard from several teams that the Raiders could be the team to watch regarding upcoming draft trades. While the 10th overall pick isn’t exceedingly valuable in and of itself, given the way this first round is shaping up for quarterbacks it could be a necessary intermediate stop for a team like the Patriots that is trying to get from No. 23 into the top 10 for a passer.”

Of course, if there is an early run on quarterbacks, one of the top defensive players will find themselves free-falling which could once again intice a needy team to make the jump into the top ten. And with Jon Gruden entering his first-year back on the job, it will be interesting to see how he tries to make a splash with the first opportunity he is given to be on the big stage.


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