These Are The 10 Highest Paid Coaches In College Football

Just last week, we all watched the NFL Draft for the upcoming NFL season. But now — it’s time to get ready for some crazy NCAA fun — and that’s the college football games.  And the clock is ticking for the first day of college football, which is Aug. 30. Only 118 days left. So start buying your team tickets in advance.
Just two days ago, ESPN announced the 35-game 2018 bowl schedule.
But before we get ourselves psyched for some college football, let’s take a look at the top-10 highest paid college football coaches for this year. The highest paid coaches based on annual salary can be seen below.

10. Tom Herman ($5,950,000)

Age: 42
College: University of Texas
Contract: Right now, Herman has a 5-year contract with the Texas Longhorns and his contract started at $5,250,000. Herman’s base salary is $5 million per year. He was hired as the new head coach of University of Texas on Nov. 27, 2016.
Head Coaching Record: 29-10; Herman guided the Texas Longhorns to 7-6 since taking over as head coach.
City to City: Herman goes from being a head coach at University of Houston to being head coach at University of Texas at Austin.

9. David Shaw ($6,000,000)

Age: 45
College: Stanford University
Contract: To put it mildly, Shaw agreed to a “long-term contract extension” with the Stanford Cardinals. The school has not yet announced the terms of the contract, including the years. His annual salary is $3.9 million.
Head Coaching Record: 73-22 with the Stanford Cardinals overall since taking over as head coach in 2011. And he’s 4-3 in Bowl Games.
Welcome Home: Shaw is the first alumnus to serve as head coach for the Stanford Cardinals football team since Paul Wiggins — who was head coach of the team from 1980-83.

8. Dan Mullen ($6,000,000)

Age: 46
College: University of Florida
Contract: Mullen will be replacing Jim McElwain as head coach for the Florida Gators. He signed a six-year contract and will be earning $6 million per year for six years, with a flat $12 million buyout.
Head Coaching Record: 69-46 with his old-time team, Mississippi State University. And he’s 5-2 in Bowl Games.
Welcome Aboard: Mullen will be the 27th head coach for the University of Florida football team.


7. Dabo Swinney ($6,750,000)

Age: 48
College: Clemson University
Contract: Arguably, Swinney is considered to be one of the best coaches in college football. However, he’s not being treated like he is. How so? Well, Swinney should be earning a lot more for his annual average salary. Nevertheless, last year, he signed a new eight-year contract with the Clemson Tigers worth $54 million in total. Not to mention, Swinney took his team to their second national championship ever and its first since 1981. So, it’s a shame that he’s not earning what he deserves.
Head Coaching Record: 101-30 with the Clemson Tigers overall.

6. Kirby Smart ($7,000,000)

Age: 42
College: University of Georgia
Contract: Similar to Gus Malzahn, Smart will also be getting a new contract. Smart will receive a seven-year, $49 million contract. The contract will extend through the 2024 season.
Head Coaching Record: 21-7 with the Georgia Bulldogs overall.
Top 5: Smart is now the fifth-highest paid coach in the Football Bowl Subdivision based on average annual salary through the length of his contract.


5. Gus Malzahn ($7,000,000)

Age: 52
College: Auburn University
Contract: Previously, Malzahn signed a seven-year contract with the Auburn Tigers since taking over as head coach in 2013. However, that contract is considered to be “void.” Now, he’s got a fresh new contract on the table. His contract now runs through Dec. 31, 2024. He will be earning at least $49 million under his contract extension, although, his base salary remains at $500,000.
Head Coaching Record: 54-25; 45-22 with the Auburn Tigers overall.


4. John James “Jimbo” Fisher Jr. ($7,500,000)

Age: 52
College: Texas A&M University
Contract: Fisher will be making his debut as head coach with Texas A&M on his new home turf on Thurs., Aug. 30, against Northwestern State University at 8:30 p.m. But how about this — Fisher will have the richest total contract ever — a 10-year, $75 million contract with the Texas A & M Aggies. Holy Cow. That should leave you speechless.
Head Coaching Record: 83-23; He’s 5-2 in Bowl Games.
Numbers Game: Texas A & M will be the sixth school for Fisher as a coach since taking over as a graduate assistant coach working with quarterbacks from 1988-90 at Samford University in Birmingham, Alabama.

3. Jim Harbaugh ($7,728,571)

Age: 54
College: University of Michigan
Contract: Harbaugh signed a seven-year contract with the Michigan Wolverines, and took over as the head coach in 2014. His contract expires at the end of the 2021 season. He makes a $5 million annual salary. On top of that, he makes a $2 million signing bonus.
Head Coaching Record: 57-32; 28-11 with the Michigan Wolverines overall.


2. Nick Saban ($8,275,000)

Age: 66
College: University of Alabama
Contract: Right now, Saban is in the middle of an eight-year contract with the Crimson Tide. In 2018, his base pay will be $7.125 million and will rise to $7.525 million for the 2019 and 2020 season.
Head Coaching Record: 218-62-1; 126-20 with the Alabama Crimson Tide overall.

1. Urban Frank Meyer III ($8,485,559)

Age: 53
College: Ohio State University
Contract: Meyer accepted the head coach position at Ohio State University on Nov. 28, 2011. Recently, it was announced, Meyer will be signing a two-year extension to his contract, which now expires in 2022. And for Meyer, he gets a huge boost in his salary. Last year, he earned $6.4 million, and this upcoming season (2018-19), he will be earning $7.6 million. Quite impressive.
Head Coaching Record: 177-31; 73-8 with the Ohio State Buckeyes overall.


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