LeBron James Free Agency: Where Will 'The King' Land Next Season?

Farewell to the ‘King.’ Not quite. However, LeBron James is feeling the heat — not because his squad might see an embarrassing sweep by the Golden State Warriors — but tonight might be his last day as Cleveland’s favorite son. If the Warriors could punch out the Cavaliers tonight, this will mark the ninth time a team breaks out the broom — the last time we saw this was in the 2006-07 season when the San Antonio Spurs ousted the Cavaliers.
Having said that, Warriors fans could be witnessing history in the makings. A win tonight would mean the first time the Warriors win back-to-back championships. And it’s about time.
It’s worth noting that — as James is soon to become a free agent — rumors will be flying on where the ‘King’ will land for the 2018-19 season. So let’s break down a few possible options regarding the future of the superstar.

LeBron James

Full Name: LeBron Raymone James Sr.
Birthdate: December 30, 1984
Age: 33
Birth Place: Akron, Ohio
Height: 6-foot-8
Team: Cleveland Cavaliers / NBA

Houston Rockets


As many teams want to get their hands on ‘The King,’ there’s no question his hometown doesn’t want to see him leave for the second time. Once was enough. However, according to the Las Vegas betting odds, James is a +140 favorite to join the Houston Rockets.
This past season the Rockets won an NBA-high 65 games, but more than that, they took the defending champion Golden State Warriors to seven games in the Western Conference finals. In Houston, James would also join forces with Chris Paul and James Harden.
Let’s not forget about the other possibilities for ‘The King’.

Philadelphia 76ers


So long president Bryan Colangelo of the Philadelphia 76ers. This week, the 76ers made the easiest call in the world to fire their president. What for? Well, it was revealed earlier, that Colangelo was involved in a Twitter scandal, trashing some of his own players and fellow executives.
Now, 76ers fans should be applauding the decision because this opens new doors for them. They can go from being a young, promising team to a potential contender next season. All they need is James. And they have a good shot at getting him.
Nothing is set in stone. Let’s just say, if James joins the 76ers, the team will be a scoring machine on offense with Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid. That’s for sure.
What are the chances that James joins the 76ers? 50/50. We shall see.

Boston Celtics


The superstar hasn’t ruled out the Celtics as one of his destinations next season. James would be a perfect match for the best team in the Eastern Conference. The Celtics — who have a great organization and one of NBA’s best coaches — need to win James over by attracting him. And they can. The Celtics are full of young, talented players who can switch defensively and score. So the bottom line is that James would be a huge asset to the Celtics and maybe, the Celtics can win the championship next year.
Despite the Celtics’ hopes of James joining the team next season, it remains unlikely. Although, it still shows how James is willing to have a conversation with the Celtics, while, at the same time, he has a bitter rivalry with the team and the city. Most importantly, though, it demonstrates how James is extremely focused on just winning championships.

Where Will LeBron Land?

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Play of the Day

As LeBron and his teammates look to avoid getting swept on their home court, here’s a little something what to expect to see for tonight’s game.


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