Clemson Football: Tee Higgins Causes Stir After Photo With Luxury Car

Clemson football player Tee Higgins, a former five-star recruit in the Class of 2017, caused a stir on social media when a photo from last week that showed the standout wide receiver posing in front of luxury car generated some attention. The photo showed Higgins in front of a $200,000 McLaren.
Of course, because this is the internet, speculation immediately began.
The photo was taken at True Auto Mart.
At first glance, it was a rather harmless photo, but college football fans are eager for something to talk about leading up to the season so this is where it all took a turn.
That caused the car shop to issue the following statement: “No, Mr. Higgins didn’t purchase the car in the picture. However, he did love the McLaren and went for a ride in it. It gave him a lot of inspiration to be even better so he can get one with his signing bonus when he gets drafted to the NFL.”
Phew, now we can all go on with our day.
What this really does prove, however, is just how ridiculous NCAA rules can be and how people are looking for any little thing to talk about while the football withdrawal is still strong.

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