Best Sports Documentary On Netflix This Month: Planet FIFA

We have all been at a point where you countlessly scroll through the list of available Netflix titles with the hope of finding something that catches your eye. You can scan through TV shows, comedy specials, true crime or sports documentaries; there is really something for everyone. But eventually, we end up spending more time scrolling through the titles than actually watching a show, film, or documentary.
Hopefully, we can change that.
Each and every month, we will scan through the list of available Netflix titles to find a topical sports documentary that will tie into a major event or trending topic that is currently going on in the sports world. This month, we turn our attention to “Planet FIFA.”
Just in time for the 2018 FIFA World Cup, “Planet FIFA” gives us a look back at the deep-rooted corruption scandal in soccer’s governing body that rocked the sport. There are interviews with countless individuals who attempted to speak out against the corruption along the way, including a 400-page report on the corruption of the Russia and Qatar World Cup host selections, that will bring everything into perspective.
All of the information you need to watch “Planet FIFA” can be seen below.

‘Planet’ FIFA Viewing Details & Live Streaming Options

Release Date: February, 2016
Director: Jean-Louis Perez
Live Stream: Netflix
Synopsis: “This documentary gives a full background into the world of international football (national soccer teams) and the corrupt company that controls its organisation, FIFA. World Cups go to the highest bidder and almost everyone has a price. The film gives an interview filled understanding of the world’s largest corrupted sports organization and how the Swiss banks are complicit in it since the 1960’s.” — IMDB

‘Planet FIFA’ Trailer

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