Mike Leach Tweets Barack Obama Conspiracy Video

Washington State football coach Mike Leach raised some eyebrows over the weekend with an ill-advised tweet featuring a fake video of a speech from Barack Obama. The video was a spliced together version of a speech the former president gave to the European Union in 2014.
“Listen to this. Text your thoughts. There is a lot of disagreement on government, so I think that an open discussion is always in order. Tweet your thoughts. Maybe we can all learn something,” the Cougars head coach tweeted.
When he began facing backlash, it was immediately clear that Leach had no idea he was sharing a propaganda video.
Once Leach was called out for the poor judgment in sending the tweet, he tried to deflect by saying that being taken out of context happens to everyone — even him. But that ignored the fact that his decision to tweet out such a misleading video was irresponsible.
This is a perfect example of why you need to A) fact check and B) avoid tweeting at 1:00 a.m.

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