Who Will Make The College Football Playoff?

Who will make the 2019 College Football Playoff? That is the question weighing on everyone’s minds. With less than one week to start the season, college football insiders are beginning to discuss who will be the final four teams standing. While defending national champion Alabama is an obvious choice, the other candidates are also names that should come as no surprise.
On Tuesday, Aug. 21, ESPN college football insider shared his thoughts on who will make the postseason.
“I’m going to go Alabama and Clemson … just, like, put them in. And then I’m going to go Penn State and Washington,” Herbstreit said. “If those are the four, then it’ll be ‘Bama and probably Washington, and Clemson and Penn State. I’m just trying to go with anybody but Alabama and Clemson, but I think it’s going to be Alabama and Clemson. And I think Alabama is going to beat Clemson in what, round four now?”
The 2018 college football schedule officially kicks off on Saturday, Aug. 25 with four games on the schedule — Duquesne vs. UMass, Prairie View vs. Rice, Hawaii vs. Colorado State, and Wyoming vs. New Mexico State. The action ramps up the following weekend, with several marquee matchups set to take place in primetime.

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