Campus Connect: College Sports, Entertainment & Viral News – 8/30

It’s Throwback Thursday, Aug. 30. College life can be busy, so at times it can be tough to keep up with the daily news cycle. That’s why we bring you Campus Connect, where you can catch the latest news in college sports and entertainment to keep on top of the buzz that everyone on campus will be talking about.
What happened last night? What events are coming up today? We have you covered with all of that and more.
Let’s dive right in.

College Sports News

Zach Smith has lost his mind. The former Ohio State Buckeyes wide receivers coach, who was fired amid domestic violence allegations, has unleashed a furious Twitter tantrum on social media directed at the media. The main target for Smith is college football insider Brett McMurphy, who broke the story that head coach Urban Meyer had previous knowledge of the allegations despite previously denying any.

Southern Illinois University has banned displays of activism. Last college football season, three cheerleaders had protested during the national anthem. The protest joined a wider group of people who have taken a stance against racial inequality and social injustice.

COED Girl of the Day

Meet Haley Graves, the newest member of the FOX Sports team who is sure to steal your heart.

Entertainment News

Rotten Tomatoes is set to redo its rating system, and here is how it will work.

Viral Clip of the Day

It’s not every day that you see someone hit for the cycle, so hats off to you, Christian Yelich.

Food of the Day

#WCW: Paige Almendariz, UNLV Soccer (PHOTOS)
#WCW: Paige Almendariz, UNLV Soccer (PHOTOS)