Georgia HS Football Coach Rewards Players With Syrup Shots For Pancake Blocks

Darrian Carmicheal is the very definition of a “player’s coach.” The offensive line coach at Jonesboro High School uses a unique motivation tactic to reward his players for great blocks on the field. We’ve all seen the Turnover Chain and its knockouts throughout college football, but Carmicheal brought his “Maple Syrup Shot” with him to the Georgia high school from DeKalb County.
The premise is simple: if an offensive lineman executes a pancake block, they are rewarded with a shot of Aunt Jemima maple syrup on the sideline.
Carmicheal spoke with USA TODAY Sports’ Cam Smith to explain how the unique reward came to be.
“I believe (in) this day and age when coaching kids you have to have something extra for them to look for or an incentive to make them go harder,” Carmicheal said. “You should see my boys’ eyes ready to run to the sideline! If you have played football before or offensive line, you know we do not get all the praise and accolades when we do most of the work. This is just something to make them proud and feel appreciated because no one gets the shot but them.”
We appreciate that stance, Coach C.
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And for good measure, let’s all take a moment to appreciate a good ole pancake block.

We are so glad football is back.

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