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Bob Stoops Rumors: Former Oklahoma Coach Denies Auburn Talk


One college football head coach who has been heavily involved in a number of coaching rumors is Oklahoma Sooners leading man Lincoln Riley. Now, another former Sooners coach has found himself in the fray. Recent speculation has led some to believe that former longtime Oklahoma head coach Bob Stoops could be someone to watch if the Auburn Tigers decide to move on from Gus Malzahn.

Auburn struggled on offense this season which led to an underwhelming 7-5 season for a team that had SEC Championship aspirations. That has led to the belief that Malzahn’s job may not be as safe as people imagine despite signing a seven-year, $49 million deal a year ago.

That led to a Football Scoop report that Stoops met with Auburn “a few weeks ago.”

Stoops immediately denied those reports and rumors.

“I didn’t know Auburn had a job open. I haven’t talked to anybody from Auburn. I haven’t met with anybody from Auburn nor am I set to talk to anybody,” Stoops said in a statement to USA TODAY Sports.

“It’s just foolish speculation that just is thrown out there that has no basis to it. “This is just ridiculous. You people are listening to stuff that just isn’t there. That’s just a bunch of people (reporting rumors) that are totally clueless and just make up news. That isn’t true.”

Well, Stoops seems pretty clear.

Of course, that’s what you would expect from someone who has been in the coaching game for so long. Stoops likely respects the fact that Malzahn is still officially the coach, so we may not get a clear idea of any interest until the job opens — if it does.


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