Gamers Are Using This Drug To Increase Performance

With Esports blowing up and the level of competition rising, gamers are looking for ways to up their game performances and cognitive reactions. If you ask them what is one way to do that? Many would say drugs. It has gotten so bad to the point where the Electronic Sports League, one of the largest and most popular Esports organization across the world, began to require gamers to submit random screening for performance-enhancing drugs in 2015.
According to Venture Beat, ESL head of communications Anna Rozwandowicz told reporters “We’re banning marijuana because it is already on the banned list of substances as defined by WADA, and it’s that list we’re going to use.” But what is this drug gamers are using?
Cannabidiol. (CBD)
Unlike THC, people who take CBD don’t experience the “high” typically associated with medical marijuana, which is why gamers are one of the more frequent users of it.
“CBD is used for everything from physical ailments, like pain and inflammation, to assisting users with everything from mental acuity, anxiety, and even depression,” said Joe Casanova, a representative of Diamond CBD Inc. “And the potential for what this compound does continues to grow, with researchers learning more about cannabidiol every day.”

Cannibis oil in jars with weed around it


Casanova also understands why gamers are among the frequent users. He believes that CBD gives gamers an “all natural option that complements the body’s natural processes without introducing any sort of toxins into your system.”
Despite the fact that this drug is frowned upon by the League, gamers everywhere are indulging in products that could enhance their timing and skills by drinking large amounts of coffees. In return, it damages the body a lot worse than CBD, by creating stress in the body where it creates a situation where the risks aren’t worth the rewards.
“CBD works with the body’s natural systems,” said Casanova. “It supplements the endocannabinoid system causing no side effects and no undue harm, giving gamers the perfect boost without any crash.”
Banning something that offers a long-term, natural solution to help gamers gain higher levels of alertness, focus and mental sharpness without the crash, I really hope the Electronic Sports League could offer an alternative that if not the same, better.

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