Operation Varsity Blues: USC Terminates AD After Admission Scandal

The University of Southern California has decided to terminate Senior Associate Athletic Director Donna Heinel and water polo coach Jovan Vavic. The Daily Mail reported the changes to USC athletics department. This comes at a time where Heinel and Vavic were both accused of accepting bribes which allowed privileged students to be considered athletic recruits in order for them to be accepted into the school more easily.
Vavic is accused of accepting a $250,000 bribe that allowed two students to be considered water polo recruits so they can have an inevitable acceptance into the school. However, Vavic might seem to regret his actions as he was fired from his coaching position, and taken into custody yesterday.
As for Heinel, it’s reported she accepted two $50,000 bribe from Full House star Lori Loughlin to ensure that Loughlin’s daughters were accepted into the USC. Heinel disguised both daughters as rowing recruits to ease their admission process.
However, only one of Loughlin was successfully accepted into USC. Loughlin youngest daughter Olivia was conditionally accepted into USC until the scandal was broken by the FBI.
Here is how USC responded to their current situation

USC isn’t the only university were unethical acts of bribery took place. Other reported schools include Georgetown, UCLA, Stanford, and Yale. About 50 individuals, that were made up by parents, collegiate coaches, and other collegiate personnel have also been charged in the not so surprising scandal.
College admissions seem to get more elusive each year, and desperate parents will do anything to get their underachieving child into a prestigious institution. Let’s be real. Rich families have been known to use their wealth and power to will their children into top tier institutions. They usually, give heavy donations to the child’s school of choice to ensure acceptance.
However, in this case, the company Key Worldwide acted as a middle man for parents. Key Worldwide reportedly created fraudulent athletic profiles for students who didn’t even participate in athletics. The company even created a system where someone else would take the SAT or ACT exam for a specific student. On top of this bribery drove the company forward, and they began to have a reputation for getting underqualified students into the school of their choice.
So now the question is will select spoiled children finally start to earn their college acceptance. Or will they rely on mommy and daddy to buy the school a new library in order to be accepted?

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