Syracuse Basketball Program Upgrades Player's Lounge

Syracuse basketball is one of the most prestigious programs in history. The Orange have six Final Four appearances and a national championship in 2003. The school will be under more pressure to succeed after the players’ lounge got renovated, according to
The Lounge was named after longtime school administration assistant Kelly Seubert. The previous name of the lounge was the Carmelo K. Anthony Center but the facility needed to be upgraded. The renovations give the lounge a modern look and a large mural of Anthony hangs on one of the walls.
Syracuse board member Joyce Hergenham donated the money for the new renovations. She would always stop in the basketball offices when she visited Syracuse and understood that the lounge needed some improvements. Hergenham’s decision to put Seubert’s name on the plaque instead of her won is a sign of how important she was to the team.

Seubert worked as an administrative assistant for the basketball team for 13 years. She loved doing her job and had a passion for Syracuse basketball. Seubert died of cancer in August 2017 and her death hit the program hard.
Head coach Jim Boeheim said her death was “the saddest day we’ve ever had.” Boeheim has been Syracuse’s head coach for 43 years and he understood Seubert’s importance to Syracuse basketball.
“Kelly was the heart and soul of our basketball program,” Boeheim said of Seubert.
His quote of Seubert hangs on the plaque inside the lounge as a memory of her. Hergenham had a similar sentiment of Seubert’s importance to the Syracuse program.
“Kelly so loved the players, and the players so loved Kelly,” Hergenhan said. “It seemed very appropriate and very perfect as a way to honor her.”
Seubert’s impact on Syracuse is still felt today despite her death almost two years ago. She will always be remembered at Syracuse as long as her name is still on the players’ lounge.

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