Alabama Football: Hip Surgery Can't Stop Nick Saban

Not even hip replacement surgery can stop Alabama head coach Nick Saban from working. According to Tide Sports, “Saban returned to work less than 48 hours after hip surgery that was performed by hip specialist Dr. Benton Emblom and Dr. Lyle Cain’s team at Andrews Sports Medicine in Birmingham on Monday afternoon, although he still has some restrictions as he begins rehabilitation.”
However, those restrictions haven’t kept the legendary coach out of the office. In an interview with Tide Sports Saban stated “I couldn’t drive myself to work this morning. Cedric (Burns) came and got me at home.”

Recovery seems to be a burden for coach Saban. “I had one day on the walker,” he said. “Now I’m on the cane. I’ll probably throw that (SOB) away tomorrow.”

He continued on in explaining his recovery process. “Right now, they have me doing 10 different isometric exercises four times a day. We will continue that for three or four days and go from there. I think in two weeks, I will be 100 percent,” he said. “They won’t let me play golf for six weeks for some reason, but I am going to try and get that reduced.”

Its good to see Saban being ambitious about his recovery process, even if his motivation is golf.

Saban even stated he played 18 holes before his surgery. However, even with his golf addiction Saban during the interview recognized that he has no time to spare because he has a lot of work to do. Being a college football coach is an around the clock job. Even though it is considered the college football offseason there is work to be done. Saban has to recruit and prepare for the upcoming season. The grind doesn’t stop.
Unfortunately, Saban’s recent surgery will prevent him from attending the NFL draft. Saban stated “They don’t want me to fly or to be in the car for three or four hours,” he said. “The next three or four days are important so I don’t have a setback.”
Alabama will send Burton Burns on Saban’s behalf. There is an array of Alabama players projected to go in the first round of the NFL draft. And with Saban recovering and still grinding Alabama will continue to produce first-round talent.

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