5 of the Best Left-Handed QBs Ever to Play the Game

Over the years there have been plenty of amazing southpaw QBs in the NFL. Guys like Tim Tebow, Ken Stabler, and Mark Brunell. But where are all of the lefties in the league now?
Do you know how many left-handed quarterbacks have survived in the NFL into the 2019-2020 season? 
It’s a small number. Exactly zero.
On the bright side for left-handers who want some representation in the NFL’s Field Marshal position, the NFL is about to get a lefty in the upcoming draft. In fact, he’s so good that the Miami Dolphins had been tanking for him all season. He was the favorite at Bovada Sports to go No. 1 overall, but a dislocated hip ended his season, and drastically dropped his draft stock. That said, Tua Tagovailova is considered one of the best QBs in recent years, and hip injury or no … he’s still almost certainly going to get picked up in the first round but some lucky team. 
The new count of left-handed NFL quarterbacks will be a whopping, one. With this in mind, let’s look at some of the best left-handed QBs to ever grace the NFL gridiron

Matt Leinart

The USC Trojan won the Heisman, the Golden Arm Award, and was inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame. He didn’t have a whole lot of success in the NFL, but he was drafted to a struggling Arizona Cardinals program and expected to carry the team on his golden arm as a rookie and didn’t have anyone to sit behind, develop, and transition to the NFL.  But more than that, it was injuries that slowed the young star down. He actually passed for 2,547 yards his rookie season but had season-ending injuries the two subsequent seasons. Still, he stayed in the NFL for years – until 2012– also playing for the Texans, the Raiders, and the Bills. However, at this point, he was a career backup. We include Leinart in this list because of his level of talent and seemingly limitless ceiling before his injuries stifled his NFL career. 

Boomer Esiason

Everyone knows boomer. Heck, he’s still a regular face on Sunday as an NFL commentator and analyst. Boomer had a long and successful career in the NFL as the franchise QB with the Cincinnati Bengals for nine seasons. Then a few with the Jets and one with the Cardinals, before returning for a final season with the Bengals in 1997 before retiring. 14 years as a QB in the NFL is amazing. And to be a starter for 13 of those … well, that is success right there. Although he never won a Super Bowl, Boomer was selected to the Pro Bowl four times. He was also the NFL MVP in 1988 and the First-Team All-Pro.

Ken Stabler

The Alabama QB was inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame after his death – cancer–  in 2015. He entered the NFL in 1970 with the Oakland Raiders and stayed with the Silver and Black for nine seasons. Only a few QBs reached 100 wins more quickly than this left-handed talent: Unitas, Montana, Bradshaw, and Brady. And it was Stabler who put the Oakland Raiders on the map with their first Super Bowl win in 1977. So he is the Super Bowl XI champ, was selected to the Pro Bowl four times, was the NFL MVP in 1974, and is in the Hall of Fame. Not many players left or right-handed better than Stabler.

Michael Vick

When it comes to sheer talent, Michael Vick is always at the top of the list for quarterbacks. And many might not remember or realize that he is a left-hander. He went No. 1 overall in the NFL Draft back in 2001 and has the most career rushing yards gained by any QB in history. He went to the Pro Bowl four times and was selected as the “Comeback Player of the Year” in 2010. Micahel Vick was the evolution of the dual-threat QB. He took what Steve Young did and elevated it to a whole new level. And still, no QB has done it better. 

Steve Young 

Steve Young is one of the best QB in the history of the NFL. Period. He is the first lefty to be inducted into the HOF – back in 2005– and the only left-hander to win multiple Super Bowls. Steve Young has three Super Bowl rings and was the Super Bowl XXIX MVP. He was also the league MVP twice and went to seven Pro Bowls. Young was a brilliant passer … who kept defenses off balance with his ability to burst from the pocket and pick up yards on his feet. He is the first real dual-threat QB, racking up 4,239 yards over his illustrious career.

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