Young Prospects to Keep An Eye Out At Euro 2020

Euro 2020 has started and we couldn’t be more excited about it. Judging from the teams and the players competing, this is set to be the most entertaining European championship in history. There’s no denying the fact that some of the world’s best players will share the pitch and do everything they can to outsmart each other and come out on top. 

Apart from the numerous world-class players that will grace us with their presence, there are also a lot of young prospects who have a very bright future. That is exactly the topic that we wanted to discuss in this article. We’ll be taking a look at the top 3 young players to keep an eye out for in Euro 2020. But first, let’s see who are the biggest favourites to win this prestigious tournament. 

Who Will Win Euro 2020?

The competition is high, that goes without saying. Betting fans will be pleased to know that due to the massive competition, the odds are fantastic, especially at online bookmakers. These sites have numerous great features such as many betting options, easy access, 24/7 availability, and tons of sports to bet on, apart from Euro 2020. 

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As for the biggest favourites, online bookmakers have placed England and France as the joint-top favourites. Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands, and Portugal also rank high on that list. 

Now, let’s take a look at the young prospects of this championship.

Phil Foden

Guardiola’s wonder boy is set to do wonders in Euro 2020. Many people were eager to see what types of qualities Foden has, but Guardiola pushed an agenda in which the youngster did not play a lot of minutes. But, it seems that Pep was right and Phil has evolved into quite a quality player. Euro 2020 will provide him with the chance to shine among the best players in England. 

Bukayo Sako

This may sound interesting, but one of Sako’s mentors is an Arsenal legend – Freddie Ljungberg. He was one of the star players at the club this year and we are sure that he will continue to display his qualities in Euro 2020. This is yet another English prospect that plays as a left-winger. The numerous young talents that England has secures their future and Sako is right there, at the top of the mountain. 

Dejan Kulusevski

Next up, we have a youngster that plays for Sweden, but its origin is actually coming from North Macedonia. While we are a bit disappointed that we won’t see Kulusevski and Pandev tearing the defences, we are eager to see what he’ll bring to the table. His first season with Juventus was very good and even though he had a small dip in form in the last couple of matches, Kulusevski showed that he has a lot of potential.

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