4 Alabama Players Predicted as Draft Picks in Rounds Two to Seven

Alabama has been known to produce some talented playmakers in the world of professional football

The NFL Draft is hands down the most important recruiting event in the sport of American football particularly for any player with hopes to forge a pro career in the sport. For those that manage to showcase enough talent in their college programs and capture the attention of big-league franchises, the Draft is more of a reality than a distant dream. Athletes from the University of Alabama have historically known this to be true more than any other team in the SEC, as the Crimson Tide has drafted dozens of players into the NFL over the years. As another Draft season rears its head, there are a handful of Alabama assets up for grabs and they aren’t just poised to go in the first round. Here we take a look at a few players that will most likely be featured in the remaining rounds.

John Metchie III 

Wide receiver John Metchie III has been a superstar in Alabama since his freshman year in 2019. During his debut season he played in all 13 games and quickly racked up an impressive amount of yardage, ultimately recording a whopping 916 yards at the end of his sophomore year. His speed, ball-catching skills, and ability to think outside the box make him an attractive recruit. Some NFL franchises who could use a player like Metchie III include the Raiders, Patriots, or Detroit Lions. However, regardless of where the Alabama receiver finds himself, he is sure to fill a gap on any offensive roster.

Phidarian Mathis

Next up is Phidarian Mathis, one of Alabama’s most experienced and decorated defensive tackles. Alabama supports may remember Mathis most for his forced fumble that helped the Crimson Tide to win last year’s College Football Playoff National Championship game at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami. The senior’s major strengths include great zone blocking, gap discipline, and pass rushing. As far as where Mathis could land in the NFL, many mock drafts have him poised to go to the Dallas Cowboys, the comeback franchise that is currently shocking the league this season. The Cowboys finished with a poor record last year but are now number one in the NFC East going 12-5. As the season comes down to the wire and approaches Wild Card games, supporters of America’s team are reviewing top NFL picks every week up until the Super Bowl. One thing’s for certain- if Mathis gets chosen to join the Cowboys in April’s Draft, the team’s defense will become further beefed up for victories in future competitions.

Jordan Battle

Another defensive asset that is cued up for the 2022 NFL Draft is safetyman Jordan Battle. Number 9 has displayed supreme athleticism on and off the field in every season with the Crimson Tide, becoming a First Team All-SEC member in 2021. Nowadays, Battles has his eyes set on the Draft and his size, defensive track record, and football intelligence make him a worthwhile option for any organization. Some rumors suggest that the Houston Texans could make a pass for Battles, as the franchise could definitely use a safety with his type of dynamic playing capacities to strengthen their defensive side.

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Christian Harris

Linebacker Christian Harris is an experienced junior player out of Alabama who actually originally committed to Texas A&M before ultimately deciding to join the Crimson Tide. Harris is known for his explosive pursuit of ball carriers and functional strength that allows him to confront opponents effectively no matter their size. He has also shown proficiency in hand blocking, warding off threats so the offense can make game-winning plays. Nick Saban, who has been the head coach of Alabama for over 15 years and has led the franchise to win an incredible six National Championships, states that Harris has grown exponentially in his football abilities since joining his roster. It’s clear that now he is a star performer ready for the next stage in his career.

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