Which Universities Have The Highest Fan Ejection Rate In College Football?

College football is the most exciting sport in the country due to the explosive nature of the game. The fan bases are also a big part of the game’s excitement with their deafening crowd noises and cheers. Some fans go a little further than others by getting themselves thrown out of the game.
According to KGW8, the University of South Carolina has the highest fan ejection rate with almost one fan being ejected out of 1,000. Wisconsin has the second highest rate in the nation at .72 fan ejections per 1,000 fans. Pac-12 rivals Oregon and Oregon State are the only other universities that have a fan ejection rate over .5 ejections per 1,000 fans at .56.
The high ejection rate of South Carolina fans is quite alarming as Williams-Brice Stadium is one of the bigger stadiums in the country with a capacity of 80,250. That means around 74 fans are ejected every game if the stadium is filled to capacity.
For comparison, Nebraska has the fifth highest fan ejection at .37 and would only kick out around 33 fans per game.
South Carolina fans do have a reputation for being bad fans as they threw trash at Clemson players during the 2017 Battle of the Palmetto State. The fans were also seen flipping off the Clemson players before throwing the trash at the players. It is most likely that many of those fans were ejected from the game, but they should not have thrown stuff onto the field in the first place.
Their own players could have been injured because of the flying debris, not to mention the Clemson players. Fans can be passionate about their teams, but they have to have a little bit of self-control when they support their teams. South Carolina fans are clearly quite passionate about the Gamecocks and are hoping for a better season in 2019.
South Carolina fans booed their own quarterback Jake Bentley during the 2018 season, so they are unafraid to go after their own players. The Gamecocks will need the support of their fans if they want to improve on their 7-6 season in 2018.

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