Former Michigan Star Removed from Wolverines Support Staff

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The Michigan Wolverines have had a really bumpy time since they won the big game. Even though they were the best last year, things have been super tough since then. Some of their coaches, like Jim Harbaugh, went to work in the NFL. Now, Sherrone Moore is in charge and he’s got a lot to handle with the team’s problems.

It’s been a rough ride, no doubt.

Denard Robinson, once a star for Michigan, got into trouble and lost his job with the team. He was famous back in the day and even on the cover of a video game. But last month, he got arrested and that’s a big deal. He’s not just a former player; he’s someone who helped shape the team’s success.

Robinson’s fall from grace is especially poignant now. The video game he once graced is making a comeback soon. His NFL stint with the Jaguars was decent, but it’s his Michigan legacy that still resonates with fans.

Another OWI arrest hits the Michigan staff. That’s two this offseason.

“Denard Robinson no longer with the Michigan football program any more,” the headlines read. Sherrone Moore had to make a tough call. Robinson was loved, but after his arrest, he couldn’t stay. He was supposed to guide young players, after all. But don’t worry, he’ll bounce back into football. He’s been coaching since 2019.

Michigan’s situation is delicate, to say the least. They’re dealing with a scandal, and it’s like they’re walking on thin ice. If the NCAA has more bad news, it could all topple down. They might not get a severe punishment, but they sure seem guilty.

Looking ahead, Michigan might face a year of rebuilding. If they somehow pull off another perfect season, we’ll all be eating our words. They could reach the playoffs, but winning it all? That’s a long shot.

Now, Michigan needs to find someone new to fill Robinson’s shoes.

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