Matt Rhule’s Bold Take on Nebraska Receivers for 2024

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It’s been ages since Nebraska went to a bowl game. I might be young, but there was a time when the Huskers were unstoppable. They ran the wishbone offense, wore cowboy collars, and it was amazing. Now, Matt Rhule is feeling confident before a crucial offseason. Hopefully, it works out for them because it really needs to.

Rhule’s confidence is sky-high.

In an offseason where Rhule sang with country star Zach Bryan, he also dropped a bold statement. He said his wide receiver corps is “going to absolutely murder you,” which definitely grabs attention. Nebraska should be better in Rhule’s second year, but such statements can be risky.

I understand the excitement around Jaylen Lloyd and Malachi Coleman’s progress, but come on!

“If you try to play ‘one high’ or you try to zone pressure us, we’re going to absolutely murder you – and you need players to do that.”

This team hasn’t seen a bowl game since 2016. That was Rhule’s last year at Temple. Since then, he coached at Baylor (2017-19) and the Carolina Panthers (2020-22) before landing in Nebraska. While Dylan Raiola is a top quarterback prospect, his recruitment has stirred up some drama. Rhule’s boldness makes Nebraska an easy target.

Remember, Rhule’s college teams usually peak in year three. In year two, they go bowling…

Matt Rhule’s bold take on his Nebraska WRs may come back to haunt him

Look, I want Nebraska football to become relevant again. I believe Rhule can make it happen. But turning the corner means becoming a consistent 9-3 team in today’s college football landscape. They could become the Big Ten’s version of Tennessee—once bad, now good, and quite annoying.

As long as Rhule surrounds himself with smart offensive coaches, recruits hard, and gets support from wealthy boosters through NIL deals, Husker football will matter again. However, claiming your wide receivers are “going to absolutely murder you” while your athletic director complains about NIL issues seems off.

Even though Rhule’s comment doesn’t sit well with me, I’m still rooting for Nebraska this year. I want this traditional power to rise again in the best sport on earth. Sadly, other Big Ten teams will likely use that comment against them. Phil Parker’s defense in Iowa City would love nothing more than to shut out UNL.

For now, we’ll just have to wait and see what happens with Raiola leading the offense.

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