Arch Manning’s Refreshing Take on Texas QB Situation

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Being a Manning isn’t easy. Arch Manning will carry that famous surname until he decides otherwise. It has its perks, though. Grandpa Red is a college football and New Orleans Saints legend. His uncles? Super Bowl winners. Eli will join Peyton in the Hall of Fame someday.

Yet, for now, Arch is backing up Quinn Ewers at Texas. A team that could, might, maybe win it all.

At the Manning Passing Academy, Arch reflected on his growth at Texas. Despite instant name recognition, he’s doing things right in Austin. He knows Coach Sarkisian will eventually hand him the reins. Until then, he must be ready if anything happens to Ewers.

“Manning’s response is as even-keeled as it is hopeful,” noted On3 Sports.

“I feel like I’m getting better every day. Just trying to stay ready. Anything can happen. I’m excited and I’m gonna be ready,” said Manning.

He sees the benefits of backing up Ewers for another season and being part of a potential championship team. Manning understands his role well; one play away from keeping Texas’ College Football Playoff dreams alive. Ewers might be talented but also injury-prone, much like Sam Bradford was at Oklahoma.

Manning’s perspective feels refreshing compared to Ewers’ cockiness.

Arch Manning seems to have a level head about the Texas starting QB job.

When Arch committed to Texas, the plan was for him to redshirt and back up Ewers as a freshman. That happened, plus backing up Maalik Murphy at Duke under Manny Diaz. Unfortunately, Ewers got hurt again last year and returned for his senior season.

Eventually, Ewers will pass the baton to Manning in the quarterback room. Probably after this season ends. Despite having a great arm, Ewers has a reputation for injuries. Many pundits favor Georgia’s Carson Beck for Heisman Trophy and No. 1 pick in 2025 over him.

The good news? Manning faces little pressure this season. If forced into action early, criticism will be mild if he struggles. Some might harp on it, but not as harshly as if he were the Week 1 starter in 2024. For now, he’s lying low, waiting for his big chance.

With quotes like this, Manning shows he’s ready for the spotlight when it comes.

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