Jerome Baker Ready To Make Decision

Benedictine high school (Cleveland, Ohio) athlete Jerome Baker is ready to end his recruitment and announce his decision this Friday.

Baker, who is the No. 33 overall prospect according to, will decide between a final three of Florida, Tennessee, and Ohio State. He spoke about his upcoming decision day to,

“I eliminated the other schools, because those three are the ones that really stuck out the most,” said Baker of his trio of finalists. “The time I spent at those schools I felt like I could play at all of them. The coaching staffs for all the schools are just amazing.”

“I pretty much have a good idea of where I want to go,” said Baker. “Honestly I am going back and forth with it everyday. It changes during the day I wake up and it’s one school and go to sleep and it’s another school. I do think I have a good idea of where I want to go, but it changes daily.”

Most believe Baker will ultimately choose Ohio State, the school that he is closest to.

“They are the hometown school and I pretty much have been around Buckeye fans my whole life,” said Baker of OSU. “I have fans and stuff that will come up to me and say “Go Buckeyes” and things like that, but there isn’t any pressure to stay home.”

However, Florida could be a dark horse for the talented prospect’s services due to his relationship with Gators’ defensive coordinator, D.J. Durkin.

“Coach Durkin did a great job of selling me on what I would do in their defense and that was probably the best tool that he could use and he showed me what I would do and what position I would be used for,” explained Baker. “He showed me how my role as Will linebacker effects the defense and that was great to see. I spent a lot of time with coach Durkin and him being my position coach I love talking to him about football and life and everything. He is such a great person to talk to and I can open up with him and have a conversation about anything.”

Campus Sports will update you on where Baker ultimately decides.

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