Week Two AP Poll Released

Week two of college football has come and gone.

The AP poll was released earlier today and there were a couple of shakeups.

After a huge win over then-No. 7 Michigan State, Oregon has supplanted Alabama and moved in to the No. 2 spot. The Crimson Tide fell back one spot to No. 3.

Michigan State fell six spots to No. 13. The Hokies jumped all the way to No. 17 after their win against Ohio State, sending the Buckyes from No. 8 back down the totem pole to No. 22.

The USC Trojans found themselves in the Top 10 (No. 9)  after winning on the road against Stanford, who dropped to No. 15.

After close wins over inferior opponents, North Carolina and Nebraska fell out of the Top 25.

Here is the complete Top 25. No. 1 votes in parentheses.

1. Florida State (38)

2. Oregon (16)

3. Alabama (1)

4. Oklahoma (2)

5. Auburn

6. Georgia (1)

7. Texas A&M (2)

8. Baylor

9. USC

10. LSU

11.Notre Dame

12. UCLA

13. Michigan State

14. Ole Miss

15. Stanford

16. Arizona State

17. Virginia Tech

18. Wisconsin

19. Kansas State

20. Missouri

21. Louisville

22. Ohio State

23. Clemson

24. South Carolina

25. BYU

Dropped from rankings: No. 19 Nebraska, No. 21 North Carolina


*Section Photo credit to Stephen Dunn, Getty Images; Featured Photo (above) credit to  Justin K. Aller, Getty Images

Florida TE Jake McGee Out For Season
Florida TE Jake McGee Out For Season