The Legend of Broadway Joe

Considering both Alabama and the Jets both lost this week, I decided to do a piece that would put a smile on the faces of these loyal fan bases. The man, the myth, the legend, the QB, Broadway Joe Namath.

Where do I even start with this guy. Talk about campus kings? This man paved the way for personalities in sports like Gronk, Johnny Football, Dion Sanders, and the list goes on. The defining example of what a college football player should be. A super star on and off the field.

While in Tuscaloosa this Pittsburgh native got the job done. Rightfully so considering this legend was playing for Bear Bryant, another legend in college football. During his years on the Tide, Joe suffered a knee injury that left him ashamed of himself. Did that stop him? For sure not. He still ran through defenders on the field and women off like a stallion.

As a New York Jet, the legend only grew. No one did New York like Broadway Joe. He left shoes so big they weren’t properly filled again until LT came to town and tore it up his way.  It wasn’t uncommon for Joe to absolutely dominate a game after partying in his own club all night. Give him a beer and an Advil in the morning, then stand back; it’s show time kids.

One only accomplishes such feats by being an absolute stud in college then building upon that. The man brought style to the game, hate to use this word, but the swagger set precedence. We’re talking about a guy who wore a full length mink coat on the side lines. He made it ok to have personality in sports. The first real character in the game. Neither college sports or professional would be the same with out him. All hail the original Campus King: Broadway Joe Namath.

*Section Photo credit to; Featured Photo (above) credit to (Photo by Joe Amon/The Denver Post)

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