Longhorns Top Forbes’ Most Valuable College Football Teams

Forbes released its annual list of the most valuable college football teams in the nation on Monday, and it’s no surprise which team held the top spot.

Since 2009, the Texas Longhorns have been the dominant team in the country — at least in terms of money — and it still holds the title today as Forbes’ most valuable team, despite falling profits from 2013.

Most projected the Longhorns to see some level of financial decline with the coaching transition from Mack Brown to Charlie Strong, but it only fell six percent from last year, despite the move costing $11 million.

Texas’ net value in 2014 is $131 million, compared to $139 in 2013, so it’s fair to assume that an $8 million hit was a small price to pay given the circumstances. But with Strong’s success on and off the football field, I’d expect donors’ checkbooks are opening up with a restored faith in the direction of UT Athletics.

In just six home games, the Longhorns have made $34 million in ticket sales, on top of $31 million in football-related contributions; which combined, accounted for 60 percent of its total revenue.

Between ticket sales, merchandise, concessions, and its $300 million/20 year television deal, the Longhorns’ total value is $131 million, with $113 million in revenue, and $74 million in profit.

In second place was independent Notre Dame, which was valued at $122 million, with $81 million in revenue, and $48 million in profit.

Despite its mounting issues this season, the Michigan Wolverines came in at third with a $117 million valuation, with $91 in revenue and $65 million in profit.

The SEC rounded out the Top 5 with the Alabama Crimson Tide in fourth — valued at $107 million, making $95 in revenue, and a profit of $53 million. Followed by the LSU Tigers in fifth place, at $103 million, with $88 million in revenue, and $50 million in profit.

The only other Big 12 team that made Forbes’ list, was Oklahoma, and its spike in profits likely has a lot to do with its 45-31 win against Alabama in the Sugar Bowl on Jan. 2, 2014 — a victory that earned a $6.3 million payout from the BCS. The Sooners are ranked No. 8 on the list with $71 million in revenue, $43 million in profit, and a value of $93 million.

The Full List:

1. Texas Longhorns: $131 million

2. Notre Dame Fighting Irish: $122 million

3. Michigan Wolverines: $117 million

4. Alabama Crimson Tide: $107 million

5. LSU Tigers: $103 million

6. Auburn Tigers: $97 million

7. Tennessee Volunteers: $94 million

8. Oklahoma Sooners: $93 million

9. Ohio State Buckeyes: $87 million

10. Georgia Bulldogs: $83 million

11. Florida Gators: $82 million

12. Penn State Nittany Lions: $80 million

13. Texas A&M Aggies: $78 million

14. Washington Huskies: $77 million

15. Nebraska Cornhuskers: $73 million

T16. South Carolina Gamecocks: $72 million

T16. Michigan State Spartans: $72 million

18. Arkansas Razorbacks: $71 million

19. USC Trojans: $69 million

20. Oregon Ducks: $68 million

*Section Photo credit to Brett Deering, Getty Images; Featured Photo (above) credit to Statesman Media

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