TBT: Malcolm Kelly freestyles after Big 12 Championship

In honor of Throwback Thursday, let’s take a look back at former Oklahoma Sooners wide receiver Malcolm Kelly dropping a freestyle rap in the locker room after the Big 12 Championship.

While Kelly was a beast on the field, it was his locker room rap that will live on forever.

Kelly was a second-round draft pick of the Washington Redskins in the 2009 NFL Draft.

And for those interested in what Kelly was saying, the lyrics can be seen below.

Boise gettin quiet
Go’on and get crunk
Head back to Longview, Kelly poppin trunk
I ain’t even trippin, ridin’ and I’m sippin
Let me come through fo-fo’s steady tippin
On that new ‘Lac, watch the trunk crank
Let me sit sideways, CB, running back
Maybe AP, maybe AD, I ain’t even trippin
Cause we some athletes
Messin’ with Schmidt-y, in the summertime
He get pissed if we don’t make our time
But we gon’ get it, cause we gotta finish
Nebraska Cornhuskers man we diminished
Lookin’ for a little, paint like a Skittle
I ain’t even trippin, I ain’t ever double-dribble
‘Cause I’m a playa, from the Himalaya
Let me sit sideways man
Maybe back door, maybe fall off
Sippin’ codeine ‘cause I gotta kill a cough
Let me sit sideways in the big Benz
OU boys, they my brothers, they my friends
Holla at Coach Sumlin, holla at the Stoops
Let me sit sideways in two-door coupe
‘Cause I’m sittin’ clean, fo’s on the lean
Look at my pants got a sag in my jeans
Let me sit sideways ‘cause I’m steady comin
PT throwing that ball and it’s hummin
I’ma gon’ catch it, I’ma gon’ wretch it
Man I’m sittin’ sideways, boy, showin’ naked

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*Featured Photo (above) credit to USA Today Sports

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