Former Wildcat Derek Anderson Is Not a Fan of Calipari

Former Kentucky Wildcat and NBA player Derek Anderson is apparently not too fond of head coach John Calipari.

On Monday, Anderson was a guest on ESPN 680 in Louisville and had some choice words for Calipari and the program.


“If Coach Cal wanted to keep these kids and develop them, he should tell them that,” Anderson told host Drew Deener. “He’s just running them in and out. It’s not him, it’s not just him, it’s the parents. If my son is supposed to go second round, ‘Son, you need to stay in school, get your degree in case something happens, and also finish the job. Make sure you make these people know you can actually play.’ They’re just running them out of here. Like Dakari Johnson. I hope he makes it, but he’s a 7-footer who can’t jump. What’s he going to do with no degree when he’s done in two years?”

He elaborated further.

“Last year, when we went to the Final Four with (Julius) Randle and them, it was because of pure talent, and the reason we lost? Coaching,” Anderson said. “Why did Louisville beat (UConn) by 30? They pressured their guards. We let the kid Shabazz Napier – he walked the ball up and just shot in our face the whole night. I’m like, did you not watch the tape of Louisville beating them? They pressured these guys.”

Coach Cal is known to be an one of the best recruiters of all-time but has questioned regarding his place among the elite coaches in America.

Everyone has an opinion, but you cannot take away all of the accomplishments he has earned throughout his career, especially at Kentucky. However on the other hand, one can make the argument he has underachieved with all of the talent he has at his disposal year in and year out.

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