Presidential Perks Provided by Nike

When we think presidency, we think responsibility. But presidency also has its perks. Nike proved that presidency comes with some unthought of benefits when they presented President Obama with custom Air Jordan 11Lab4s. Both the box and the tongues of the 11Lab4s feature the presidential seal.

As most people know, President Obama and wife Michelle Obama are always looking for ways to better the United States. Therefore it is not surprising that President Obama agreed to speak at Nike’s campus in Oregon “to promote the Trade Promotion Authority and Trans-Pacific Partnership, which the brand says will help further develop its products in the U.S.” (Matt Welty).

Though Obama’s advocating is said to increase trade not just in the states, but internationally as well, it is clear that Nike was not the only one to reap benefits from Obama’s speech. U.S. citizens are said to benefit from Obama’s speech too, since jobs will increase as exporting does.

And since Nike showed their appreciation for Obama by presenting him with customized Air Jordan 11Lab4 sneakers, Obama himself reaped rewards from the speech.

Marilyn Monroe once stated: “Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world.” I’m going to bet that this applies to guys as well. I mean, Obama is president after all.

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