Video: NFL ball boy chases Bears fan who stole football

Being an NFL ball boy certainly has its perks. You get into the games for free, sometimes getting to see your favorite teams, and you get paid to basically catch footballs all day without, usually, having to worry about getting tackled.

Of course, with any job with perks, there are its downfalls as well. One ball boy found that out this weekend as the Chicago Bears hosted the Arizona Cardinals.

A penalty prior to a kickoff moved the ball up fifteen yards and allowed the kicker to boot the ball two rows into the stands behind the goalpost. A Bears fan, who was obviously already willing to leave as his team was down fifteen in the third quarter, decided he would take the ball and run.

That’s when the ball boy, who takes his job a little too seriously, did a Lambeau Leap at Soldier Field and went chasing the fan trying to get the ball back.

I don’t know if he got the ball back or not, but I think he should have just let that one go. The NFL can afford to let a few balls go every now and then.

I honestly hope that the Bears fan got away with the ball. At least he will say he had something good happen to him on Sunday, because Da Bears certainly didn’t do it.

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