Stanford lineman Kyle Murphy thinks Big 10 got exposed in bowl games

Stanford Cardinal offensive tackle Kyle Murphy thinks the Big 10 got exposed. It certainty would seem so.  His Cardinals dismantled Iowa, 45-16, in the Rose Bowl, and in the Cotton Bowl, Michigan State got routed by the Alabama Crimson Tide, 38-0. That’s 67 points combined.

“The Big Ten has a lot of pub, (but) they had a couple big blowouts the last two days, so it kind of goes to show they got exposed,” Murphy said. “It shows a four-team playoff probably isn’t the best way, because you don’t know who the four best teams are.”

Well, sure, okay, I get that. But considering up until this year, fans and programs, relied on a computer system to generate a National Champion, the semifinal format is a step in the right direction.

And to be honest, this sounds a little like sour grapes.

Stanford isn’t the only program who thinks they might be worthy of a shot at being champion.  There are five to ten other programs with the same complaint, all of them with “provable” qualities to their complex and never ending resumes.

You can see how this playoff thing will never sit well. Before you know it, the NCAA will expand the playoff format to eight teams, and then the ninth will complain, so it’ll broaden to sixteen, and on and on and on. Everyone feels like they should get a shot. It’s what it means to be an athlete.

But at least, the fans, can feel a little more secure in this thing. We get to watch 4 top tier teams rip each other apart for the crown.

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