Top 10 college football teams since 2010

College football is made up of a history of eras. We had different eras where Nebraska, UCLA or Oklahoma all dominated.  We’ve had times where it was Michigan, Ohio State or Notre Dame. Everyone knows about The U and what Miami accomplished during its heyday. Then, Florida State got huge before we reached the 2000’s.

To start the new century, USC went on that historical run that culminated with Texas and Vince Young playing one of the greatest games in college football history to win that national championship back in 2005.

But what about very recent history? What have we been watching unfold in front of our eyes for the past five years or so?

It’s a completely different story from the first 100-plus years of the sport. Different schools have risen while historically-great ones have fallen.

This slideshow’s point is to rank the top 10 greatest college football teams since 2010. I’m going to hold reservation on the two teams playing in the national championship this year, because I don’t know if we can for sure say how fantastic these Clemson and Alabama squads are until after that matchup. But as for everyone else, it’s fair game.