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Mike Greenberg rips Kirby Smart over transfer restrictions


Georgia coach Kirby Smart has drawn some criticism this week for his newly-instituted policy of not allowing Bulldogs players to transfer to Miami, where former Georgia coach Mark Richt is now coach, and ESPN’s Mike Greenberg absolutely ripped Smart over it, calling the policy “an absolute disgrace.”

Here is Greenberg’s full quote below, from his renowned show Mike and Mike in the Morning:

“You know what? Shame on you. You’re scared of some 19-year old kid going some place, a guard who’s obviously barely playing for you and that’s why he wants to transfer in the first place, or has whatever other reason to want to go someplace else. And you’re so terrified to allow him to go play for someone on your schedule. Shame on you, you’re making millions of dollars. This is this kid’s one chance in life to play college football. He should be allowed to go wherever the hell he wants, and for some coach to sit there and put restrictions on, ’cause he’s in the conference or on his schedule, is a disgrace and it shouldn’t be allowed. Wake up Mark Emmert, and tell the schools they can’t do that. That’s the first thing they should do, it’s a disgrace. And I yelled at Bo Ryan about this years ago, and he’s never spoken to me again and I don’t care, and Kirby Smart may never speak to me again and I don’t care. This is a disgrace, an absolute disgrace. If a kid decides for whatever reason he wants to go from one school to another, to play football or anything else, he should be allowed to. It’s his one chance in life. You got to go take whatever job you want, and get paid millions of dollars. This is an absolute disgrace.”

As much as some hardcore SEC defenders may not want to admit it, Greenberg is absolutely right. Granted, not allowing in-conference transfers has been common practice by many programs for a long time, but Smart not allowing some football players to transfer to Miami is just petty and ridiculous.

Look at it this way. In over a decade under Richt, Georgia gained a reputation as an offense-oriented system, and the defense-oriented Smart is looking to make the Bulldogs a more traditional SEC squad. Thus, the fact that he is not allowing transfers to Miami is just plain stupid. It’s almost as though he’s thumbing his nose at Richt and saying “You had your chance with these guys and lost it. They’re mine now.”

Hopefully, if enough people come out against Smart and this ridiculous policy, he will eventually give in and reverse course.

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