University of Arizona develops an app to help concussion awareness

Concern about concussions in football has been growing recently. Headlines illustrating the dangers of multiple concussions sustained during sports have dominated the country. Untreated concussions have been linked to permanent brain damage and issues in mental health in many professional athletes.

However, steps toward rectifying this major issue in sports are beginning to be made.

Researchers at the University of Arizona recently developed an app that will help eliminate the guess-work in diagnosing concussions in athletes. Ricardo Valerdi, Hirsch Handmaker and Jonathan Lifshitz produced a virtual reality app, called Brain Gainz. This app is designed to simulate the effects of a concussion in order to make players aware of the symptoms.

Scientists hope this will help eliminate some of the discretion that comes in determining whether or not to treat a player.

“It’s always really surprising how much adrenaline and human decision making play a role in terms of overruling any training or any rationale,” Valerdi said. “Like guys will be bleeding, man. Out the nose. That doesn’t mean anything to them at that moment because they want to win.”

This app is a great stride in the right direction toward awareness of the severity and seriousness of concussions and their effects.

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*Featured Photo (above) credit to USA TODAY Sports

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