NBA Draft rankings 2016: Top 5 shooters

Love it or hate it, the NBA has the three-point shot and there are plenty of prospects in this year’s NBA Draft that have turned hitting shots from beyond the arc into art form. Put the ball in these young prospects’ hands when they’re in three-point land, and odds are greater than none that they’ll make their shot regardless of circumstances.

Hand in the face? No problem. Off-balance shot? Bring it on. Simply nothing fazes these guys and their prowess from long range is so good, some could even develop into more than just three-point specialists.

But the questions presents itself: of all the prospects in this year’s NBA Draft, where do the shooters rank? Some were complete players in college in spite of relying on the three-ball for most of their offense and have futures as such, but others were pure shooters and will continue to be as such in the pros.

Let’s dig a little deeper and take a look at the top five shooters in this year’s NBA Draft class.

Josh Jackson commits to Kansas
Josh Jackson commits to Kansas