Video: Tennessee flys plane over stadium to mock Lane Kiffin’s small hands

There’s no love lost between these two: Lane Kififn and the University of Tennessee.

In 2009, Lane Kiffin was the head coach at Tennessee and everybody loved him. He was going to bring the program back to prominence after years of stale and subpar football play had left he once prominent program wanting. He pledged his loyalty to the program and how much he honored its traditions and history.

Then, USC offered him the same job and he decided they might honor his loyalty, too.

Kiffin is now calling plays as the offensive coordinator at SEC powerhouse Alabama. He’ll be making his first trip to Tennessee today since he hopped a plane and headed for the west coast. That hasn’t been lost on anybody.

Layla is his wife. That’s the second worst dis after saying something about someones mom. And flying a plane to say that someone has small hands is so cruelly specific, you have to think people will be trying to catch a glimpse of Kiffin’s hands the entire game.

“Oh, yeah! Wow! His hands¬†are small!”