Nick Saban’s birthday is today: This was only present

Today is Nick Saban’s birthday.

In case you were unaware, Nick Saban is one of the highest profile, highest paid coaches in sports; $7 million a year. And while that’s all well and good, him having all of that money makes it very difficult to get him a gift that is something he would actually want.

Forget about need, it’s highly unlikely he is in need of anything with all that dough sitting around the house. And so, a question as old as birthdays themselves, what do you get someone who already has it all?

How about a button that says ‘That’s Bullshit’ when you push it? Very classy.

Nick Saban, who is one of the more straightforward and no nonsense coaches in football, seems like the perfect recipient for a present like this. It’s likely something you’ll hear him hollering at his bulldozer of a football team the Alabama Crimson Tide anytime he finds the underperforming.

Alabama looks to be well on their way to another undefeated season and likely National Championship. Anything can happen, I guess, but it doesn’t seem like Saban’s Tide looks beatable this year.

And if anyone else says differently, reach for that button and slam on it as quickly as you can.


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