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Nick Saban didn’t know the election was on Tuesday


News is fast in furious in the wake of the political surprise that could shake the country at its bones. In what could very well prove to be a “where were you when it happened” moment, Nick Saban was focused on one thing: Bama.

Coaches and players are regularly being asked what the think of the results of the election. Some are being more candid than others. Nick Saban was either the least candid or, by many many miles, the most candid.

From his press conference:

To be honest with you, I didn’t even know yesterday was Election Day. So, it was so important to me that I didn’t even know it was happening. We’re focused on other things here.

Now that’s the kind of commitment you need to be a national champion. Total and absolute unawareness to the world around; check your current events at the door. Roll Tide.

Saban is originally from West Virginia, mountain Mama, an overwhelmingly red state in this years election. Saban continued:

I want what’s best for our country. I’m not sure I can figure that out. I want what’s best for people who want to improve the quality of their life. I hope whoever our leader is, he will certainly do all that he can do to make our country safe and improve the quality of life of a lot of the people that we have in our country. And I don’t think I’m qualified to determine who that should be.

Clearly Saban was at least aware of the result of the election as he referred to the President elect as he. 

Also during his press conference, Saban alluded to the fact that he refrains from making political statements because it will alienate large groups of people and cause them to not like him anymore. You can watch the full press conference here.

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Michael is originally from Miami, FL and is of Cuban descent. He holds BFA from the University of Florida/New World School of the Arts and is also a New York city based stand-up comedian. Michael is 5'11", but wears elevators in his shoes to make himself 6 feet tall. Twitter: @MichaelNapoles
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