Here Are The Fattest Cities In America For 2017; Slow Down, Southerners

Did you ever wonder what the fattest cities in America were? Well, now you’re in luck.
A recent gathering of statistics compared weight-related health problems for a number of US cities and the results were staggering. Not only did people in the south overwhelming vote in favor of Commander in Tweet Donald Trump, they also throw back an alarming amount of food compared to the rest of the country.
When looking over the list, a majority of the fattest cities are in the southern region.
But should we really be surprised? I mean, have you ever had soul food? Well, that and the poorer regions are generally left with less healthy options and end up having to stuff their face from the dollar menu.
The list of the fattest cities in America for 2017 can be seen below, via

A full list of the fattest cities in America from 1-100 can be seen by clicking here.
[H/T: Bro Bible]

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