NASCAR Fan Exposes Nick Saban Back Tattoo At Talladega

People love Alabama football.
In Alabama, people love what Nick Saban has done for Alabama football. The gold-standard for NCAA football coaches, Saban has returned Alabama to the dominance it once enjoyed under Bear Bryant.
A bonafide dynasty, this NASCAR fan felt it was his duty to pay homage to Saban with back tat.

The portrait isn’t as bad as one might have expected. Does it make Saban look like a post-mortem ghoul? Absolutley. But is that terribly inaccurate? The man isn’t a machine, after all. Those long hours in the film room, and sleepless nights spent scheming around the other team take their toll. That’s what a champion looks like.
A notable absence is Saban’s lone year as coach of the Miami Dolphins, which was an absolute failure. Where is that back tat?
Saban and the Crimson Tide hope to add another entry to the list of superlatives dancing around the Alabama “A” on this gentleman’s back. Returning a solid core of players, as well as starting quarterback Jalen Hurts, the Crimson Tide will be the favorites to win the National Championship again this year.
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