VIDEO: Donald Trump Slams 'Son Of A B***h' NFL Protesters

It’s no secret that Donald Trump doesn’t like criticism.
Trump loves to have people pat him on the back to tell him what an amazing job he’s doing — even though any free thinker can see that he’s not — and if you don’t you will be in his dog house.
For the NFL players who have protested during the national anthem over the course of the last year, well, Trump had some words for you.
During a campaign rally in Alabama for an election that isn’t for another three and a half years, Trump took aim at the NFL protesters and used some of his reality show flair to dress up his words.
According to Trump, the “son of a b***h” protesters who take a knee during the national anthem should be fired.
You’ll have people who agree with Trump that the players are “disrespecting the flag,” while others understand the meaning of the protests — which are for a very valid cause — and will continue to show their support for the players.
And for those players who have been protesting, it’s very unlikely that a message from Trump is going to change their minds.
Instead, it may actually encourage more players to take a knee or raise a fist on Sunday afternoon.

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