VIDEO: Bella Hadid Goes Sneaker Shopping & Wants You To Step Your Game Up

Joe La Puma gets to meet the rich and famous across a number of professions. Pro athletes, actors and models, they all have one thing in common: a passion for sneakers. Supermodel Bella Hadid is no exception, and she stopped by Kith to talk shoes, modeling and do a little shopping.
Within the first few minutes, you learn a lot about the model and what she looks for in a shoe (and a man). Dirty shoes aren’t a deal breaker, but they better be something special.
Picking up a pair of Nike Air Max 95 sneakers, she says “if homeboy comes through in these, he can get it”.
Check out what she likes, doesn’t like, and the eye-popping number at the register.

Amazingly, Hadid manages to rack up a bill of $1,157.54, then adds a bunch of extra stuff right at the end. Numerous times throughout the segment she mentions that she likes wearing sneakers in any situation, even when she’s wearing a dress.
She just added a bunch of new pairs to her collection.
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