VIDEO: Lakers Fan Throws Drink On Person Sitting During Anthem

The vigilantism during the national anthem is getting a little ridiculous. While at a preseason Los Angeles Lakers game, one woman felt it was her responsibility to punish anyone who decided to remain in their seat during the anthem.
After she noticed two fans remained seated for the duration of the anthem, the woman walks over to them, says “excuse me, this is for the national anthem you pieces of shit. F***ers. Yeah,” then tosses her drink at them.
The video was proudly posted by her on her personal Twitter account. After the video went viral (and not in her favor), she deleted it, then deleted her entire account.

It goes without say that you shouldn’t be throwing drinks at people during a basketball game under any circumstance. A large Pepsi goes for $8 and the refills aren’t free. Oh, and there’s basic human respect thing.
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