Someone Tell Oklahoma Players That Baker Mayfield Didn't Die

Oklahoma football star Baker Mayfield wasn’t at midfield for the coin toss this week.
Mayfield was stripped of his standing as a captain on the team after grabbing his crotch and cursing at the Kentucky bench last week. His teammates apparently weren’t on board with the suspension, and they wanted to show him so solidarity.
But they chose a really weird way to do it.
Because Mayfield couldn’t go out to midfield and for the coin flip, his teammates decided to take his jersey out with them.

It’s weird, because Mayfield was standing on the sideline watching all of this.
Fortunately they had a duplicate No. 6 jersey, because something tells me that Mayfield wouldn’t have been willing to go shirtless while they took his jersey out to midfield.
The Sooners quarterback ended up spending two plays on the sideline before being reinserted into the game. A token punishment for a rather silly offense for which Mayfield wasn’t at fault to begin with.
Recent evidence points to the fact that Michael Jackson and Madonna are to blame.

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