NCAA Transfer Rule Change Proposes Players Can Leave Without Punishment After Coaching Change

A proposed rule change could impact the way NCAA athletes are able to transfer.
According to reports, a new rule proposal would allow Division I athletes to change schools immediately if their coach leaves for another program or gets fired.
CBS Sports first reported the news:

Athletes would be allowed to transfer schools without restriction if their coach were fired or left for another job as part of sweeping proposal that is making its way through Division I, CBS Sports has learned. However, athletes would not be permitted to follow the departing coach to their new program.
The proposal, which originated from the Big 12, would also allow athletes to transfer without sitting out a season (as currently mandated by NCAA rules) in the event a postseason ban is handed down by the NCAA as punishment to their program.

It would be a long overdue and reasonable rule change that could benefit the players.
With coaches being allowed to leave a program in the middle of a contract and deliver false promises on the recruiting trail, players should be allowed to change programs without penalty if they suddenly find themselves in an unfavorable position.
“Basically, we’re saying kids can go anywhere they want,” Iowa State athletic director Jamie Pollard said in the report. “For the first time ever in college athletics, the student-athlete is empowered.”
If approved, a rule change could be coming as soon as next year.
It will be interesting to see what happens with the proposed transfer rule change, but it is something that would benefit athletes and everyone should get behind that.

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