Baker Mayfield Comments On Johnny Manziel Comparisons

Baker Mayfield is expected to be one of the first players selected in the 2018 NFL Draft, but there are some who worry about the Heisman Trophy-winner’s arrogance and lack of ideal height. Those are some of the same concerns that surrounded Johnny Manziel when he was coming out of Texas A&M, so it didn’t take much for the comparisons to be made. Add in the fact that both players are also mobile and the comparison simply wrote itself.
But how does Mayfield feel about being compared to a quarterback who flamed out of the league in just two years?
Well, not exactly great, but he did try to find some silver lining.
“There’s a perception about Johnny right now, and he is going through some stuff. I can relate to it in my off-the-field stuff in 2017. When you have a guy like Johnny who has had a lot of success, and things that he’s been very blessed with, people will take the first chance to jump on him and try to bring him down a little bit… so, no I don’t like the comparison because it’s compared in the negative ways,” Mayfield said during an appearance on the SI TV The Big Interview.
“But if you looked at it in the positive ways, Johnny’s an incredible athlete. You can never take away what he did in college, how he took the college football season by storm. The guy’s an incredible playmaker. But all I can do is be myself and all those comparisons will end.”
While Mayfield did have his own off-field issues and found himself in trouble due to his passion following games, he is a much lower risk than Manziel was. Manziel’s substance abuse has been well-documented, while Mayfield has avoided many public slip-ups outside of his offseason arrest before his final season. Mayfield immediately apologized and seemed to put his focus back on football, so he’s not a guy who you have to worry about when it comes to having love for the game.
As for where he ultimately ends up, that will help determine his success in the league and we will get that answer in 48 hours.
The 2018 NFL Draft takes place April 26-28 at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas.

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