WATCH: Jared Goff Pranks Ventura College Football Team

Los Angeles Rams quarterback Jared Goff teamed up with Red Bull to return to college. On Tuesday, Red Bull released a video featuring the former No. 1 overall pick out of Cal playing a prank on the Ventura College football team. Goff puts on a wig and some fake tattoos before taking the field for a 7-on-7 practice. Goff is posing as a potential transfer player.
Ventura College head coach Steven Mooshagian and Director of Football Operations Robert Mooshagian were in on the joke, but players had no idea they were in the presence of a top NFL talent.
When the video first starts, Goff intentionally misses open receivers so Pirates players don’t get suspicious. After getting “warmed up,” Goff then begins to show off his arm and wows his potential teammates who are looking on.
You could see the other quarterbacks on the roster breathe a sigh of relief when they finally realized they were being pranked.
Check out the video below:

Red Bull previously teamed up with Chicago Cubs star Kris Bryant for a similar prank that was equally as hilarious.
Last season, Goff and the Rams made some impressive progress on the field, going from 4-12 in 2016 to 11-5 in 2017. The Rams clinched the NFC West title which led to a playoff berth. Unfortunately, Los Angeles didn’t last long in the postseason, getting bounced by the Atlanta Falcons in the Wild Card round. During the season, Goff was named the Week 9 NFC Offensive Player of the Year and Week 16 FedEx Air Player of the Week.

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