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WATCH: Nebraska Baseball Player Gets Pulled After Epic Bat Flip Celebration



Nebraska baseball player Angelo Altavilla, a shortstop for the Cornhuskers, ended up in the doghouse this weekend after pulling a little stunt against the Indiana Hoosiers following a huge blast over the fence. Altavilla admired his home run a little too long and celebrated with an epic bat flip.

Altavilla’s celebration and admiration of his moon shot upset the Hoosiers catcher, who followed him up the baseline while jawing at his opponent.

That didn’t sit well with Nebraska head coach Darin Erstad, a former MLB player.

Erstad is an old school guy who “plays the game the right way,” according to the announcers, and did not appreciate his player trying to upstage his opponent. Erstad met Altavilla at the edge of the bullpen with a mean staredown.

Here is the home run and celebration:

And here is Erstad showing his disapproval with Altavilla’s antics.

From Chris Basnett who covers Nebraska Cornhuskers sports for the Lincoln Journal Star:

Angelo Altavilla with a solo shot over the bullpen in right. Took a nice long look at it, which Indiana’s catcher did not appreciate. TV replay showed Darin Erstad saying “don’t ever do that again” as Altavilla got to the dugout.

Altavilla was pulled from the game following his bat flip, but the Cornhuskers went on to win.

Can we do away with these “unwritten rules” of baseball? It’s better for everyone when the players are allowed to let their personalities show and have some fun.


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